Gabriel Verret

The Best of CES 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a great opportunity to discover the next trends in the electronics market. For the 2020 edition of the event, here is what deserves to most attention in this article.


Cheaper 8K

While 4K content is still sparse, 8K televisions are already entering our living rooms.

Samsung will offer three different 8K series of televisions, for all wallets, at a starting price of $2,600.

A foldable TV

A TV that already made the news in 2019 is back this year at the conference. Available at a price of $60,000 at its launch planned between April and September, this LG model can fold itself in its dock when it’s not used, which is ideal if placed in front of a window. Three modes can be enabled : opened, closed and opened at 1/3 of its height for displaying music info, for example.

A new concept

The Samsung Sero is a new type of television, designed particularly for streaming content from a smartphone. No more black bars on a portrait-oriented video ! The TV detects the phone orientation and can oriente itself accordingly.


A cheaper Galaxy

Samsung unveiled a Lite version of its Galaxy S10 and Note 10. The S10 and Note 10 Lite includes a iPhone 11 Pro-like camera module on the back, with a 6.7-inch display. The Note 10 Lite brings back the headphone jack.

A hiding camera

OnePlus, in partnership with McLaren, unveiled a phone concept which its back camera system can hides itself, thanks to a electronic glass that lets pass – or not – the light. Battery impact was not disclosed.


A folding screen laptop

The ThinkPad X1 Fold laptop from Lenovo does not have a physical keyboard. It’s just one foldable display !

A 360 Hz monitor

Asus unveiled the ROG Swift 360Hz. Designed for e-sport professionals, its refresh rate is the highest in the market and allows gaming at 360 frames per second with a 1080p resolution. A (very) decent graphics card will be needed.

No price nor release date.

The first 5G model

5G network deployment is beginning around the world. The Lenovo Yoga 5G will allow you to connect to 5G networks as fast as your home internet connection. Don’t use this with a small data cap.


A Cybertruck competitor

The Rivian R1T is an electric pickup that will enter in competition with the Tesla Cybertruck. With a more “traditional” design, this truck has potential :

The Rivian R1T will be available at the second half of the year for $69,000.

A Sony concept

Sony made a surprise and unveiled the Vision-S, an autonomous electric car concept. No release is planned.

“Alexa, start the Lambo”

A new Huracan model will have Amazon Alexa included, allowing you to set heating, open the garage door and more with just your voice.

A flying car (finally)

You could soon… fly an Uber ! Hyundai designed a drone large enough to take humans that will soon enter testing in real conditions. First operational flights are scheduled for 2023.

Video games

Few details on the PS5

Sony only unveiled the logo of the PlayStation 5, nothing more.

A Switch for PC gaming

The Alienware Concept UFO takes a few of the Nintendo Switch’s design, with a 8-inch display and an included stand. Joy-Cons-like controllers can be removed from the side. It uses the onboard graphics of the CPU.

The display has a 16:10 1920×1200 resolution. AAA games like Mortal Kombat 11 and F1 2019 can run between 30 and 50 frames per second.

No price nor release date was announced by Dell.

An Xbox or PlayStation in your PC

Origin PC announced the Big O, a gaming PC that includes the console of your choice : an Xbox One S or PlayStation 4 Pro. This PC is ideal for people streaming via a dedicated streaming PC. Everything is in the same package.

An Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 version will also be available.


Listen to your music under the shower

Kohler’s Moxie shower head includes a speaker powered by Alexa.

Let a robot brush your teeth

Too lazy to brush your teeth ? A robot could soon do it for you ! Fasteesh announces the Y-Brush, doing the job in only ten seconds. Fill the container with tooth paste and place it in your mouth. With a $125 price tag, considering other high-end electric toothbrushes could cost up to $200, this is… interesting.