Simple Countdowns

Simple Countdowns is the easiest way to know the time remaining until a certain date and time, with a colorful and simple interface.

Welcome to Simple Countdowns. Add countdown.

Easy To Use

Simply open the app and tap the Add countdown button to get started.

Notification. Fall. The countdown has ended.

Get Notified

When adding or editing a countdown, choose to get a notification when a countdown is over, one hour before or one day before.

An iPhone and an iPad with the Simple Countdowns app opened.

iCloud Sync

Your countdowns are automatically synchronized between your devices via iCloud.

Available on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Available on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Simple Countdowns is available on every iPhone or iPad running iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 or newer and every Mac running macOS Ventura or newer.

Now on Apple Vision Pro

Now on Apple Vision Pro

View your countdowns in your office, kitchen, living room or anywhere thanks to Simple Countdowns on Apple Vision Pro. You will immediately find the countdowns you made on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.



No ads. No data collection. Simple as that.

No personal information is accessible by the app. There is no collect, no sale and no distribution of personal data.

Also, there are no ads displayed in the app. Just a simple list of countdowns with no distractions.

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